This page was exported from New Lead2pass Dumps PDF Version Released For Free Downloading [ ] Export date:Mon Apr 19 2:39:37 2021 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [March 2018] Lead2pass Free 200-355 Exam Questions Download 100% Pass 200-355 Exam 500q --------------------------------------------------- Lead2pass Free Cisco 200-355 Braindumps VCE Updated: QUESTION 21An engineer is using a predictive survey tool to estimate placement of APs in a carpeted office space. Most interior walls should be assigned which attenuation value? A.    2 dBB.    3 dBC.    4 dBD.    5 dB Answer: B QUESTION 22An engineer is conducting an active survey for indoor coverage in a warehouse. The warehouse has long aisles with racks that extend to the ceiling. Which antenna type has a radiation pattern that is suited to provide coverage in each aisle? A.    YagiB.    patchC.    omnidirectionalD.    dipole Answer: B QUESTION 23Following the deployment of a wireless network for data and voice services, an engineer is to validate the coverage. Which type of survey is required to ensure coverage? A.    passiveB.    activeC.    fingerprintingD.    calibrating Answer: A QUESTION 24During the deployment of a wireless network for data and location services, an engineer is to fine- tune the location services. What is this type of survey called? A.    passive fingerprintingB.    passive calibratingC.    active fingerprintingD.    active calibrating Answer: A QUESTION 25Refer to the exhibit. In an effort to identify RF characteristics at a customer location, an RF engineer uses the Spectrum Analyzer tool that is shown.Which feature that is native to the Spectrum Analyzer is identified by the exhibit? A.    Real-Time FFTB.    Duty CycleC.    Max HoldD.    Time Domain Answer: A QUESTION 26Refer to the exhibit. The site in this AirMagnet Survey heat map is ready for which level of service? A.    dataB.    voiceC.    locationD.    RFID Answer: A QUESTION 27Which two services require an RToWLAN design? (Choose two.) A.    WVoIPB.    video conferencingC.    multicast videoD.    TelnetE.    SSH Answer: AB QUESTION 28In the current RF environment, the noise floor is -95 dBm. A tablet needs an SNR of 25 dB to transmit at the required speed. What must the RSSI cell edge be to meet the required SNR? A.    -120 dBmB.    -90 dBmC.    -70 dBmD.    -60 dBmE.    -50 dBm Answer: C QUESTION 29An access point is currently transmitting at 4 mW. The customer needs to increase its signal strength by 6 dB to create a larger wireless cell. What should the new transmit power be? A.    8 mWB.    10 mWC.    12 mWD.    16 mWE.    24 mW Answer: D QUESTION 30A wireless engineer is designing the wireless networking for a company with offices in two different locations. Which two regulatory bodies should they check to find the maximum EIRP allowed? (Choose two.) A.    IEEEB.    FCCC.    ITU-RD.    ETSIE.    Wi-Fi Alliance Answer: BD 200-355 dumps full version (PDF&VCE): Large amount of free 200-355 exam questions on Google Drive: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2018-03-27 09:16:00 Post date GMT: 2018-03-27 09:16:00 Post modified date: 2018-03-27 09:16:00 Post modified date GMT: 2018-03-27 09:16:00 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from