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A.    Ipnbar custom-map VNC tcp-udp 5900 5901B.    Ipnbar application-map VNC udp 5900 5901C.    Ipnbar port-to-application seq 5 VNC tcp 5900 5901D.    Ipnbar port-map VNC hex 0xAA 0x1BE.    Ipnbar port-map VNC tcp 5900 5901Answer: E QUESTION 662Which two statements about 6to4 tunnels are true? (Choose two.) A.    They support point-to-point multipoint traffic.B.    They encapsulate IPv6 packets, which allow the packets to travel over Ipv4 infrastructure.C.    They support point-to-point traffic.D.    The support OSPF and EIGRP traffic.E.    They generate an IPv6 prefix using a common IPv4 address.F.    They allow IPv4 packets to travel over Ipv6 infrastructure without modification. Answer: AB QUESTION 663Which two factors contribute to traffic starvation when TCP and UDO flows are included in a single traffic class? (Choose two) A.    TCP flows continually lower their transmission rates when congestion occurs in a link.B.    UDP flows continually reduce the window size when congestion occurs on a link.C.    TCP flows maintain a consistent transmission rate when congestion occurs on a link.D.    TCP flows continually reduce the window size when congestion occurs on a link.E.    UDP flows maintain a consistent transmission rate when congestion occurs on a linkF.    UDP flows continually lower their transmission rates when congestion is detected. Answer: AE QUESTION 664In which 802.1D port state are the root bridge, the root port, and the designated port(s) elected? A.    ListeningB.    learningC.    forwardingD.    blockingE.    disabled Answer: A QUESTION 665Which two conditions must be met by default to implement the BGP path feature? (Choose two) A.    MPLS must be enabled.B.    The next-hop routers must be different.C.    All attributes must have the same values.D.    Route reflectors must be enabled.E.    The next-hop routers must be the same. Answer: BC QUESTION 666Which three fields are part of a TCN BPDU? (Choose three.) A.    protocol IDB.    versionC.    typeD.    max-ageE.    flagsF.    message age Answer: ABC QUESTION 667Which type of packet is sent by an HSRP router to advertise the virtual IP address? A.    Gratuitous ARPB.    ARP RequestC.    HSRP HelloD.    HSRP Coup Answer: A QUESTION 668Which two statements about QoS marking are true? (Choose two.) A.    It is supported on Fast EtherChannel and ATM SVC interfaces.B.    It is supported on tunnel interfaces.C.    It can use3 a table map to mark traffic.D.    The set discard-class command can be configured for ATM and MPLS protocols.E.    It requires Cisco Express Forwarding to be enabled on the sending interface and the receiving interface. Answer: BE QUESTION 669Refer to the exhibit. Router A must reach router X. Which option describes how router A decides which interface to use to forward packets ?   A.    Router A relies on RIB to select the desired interfaceB.    Router A does per-flow load-balance across the two interfacesC.    Router A relies on FIB to select the desired interfaceD.    Router A does per-packet load-balance across the two interfaces Answer: A QUESTION 670Which three options are there of the valid message types for DHCPv6? (Choose three.) A.    RequestB.    SolicitC.    DiscoverD.    AdvertiseE.    OfferF.    Leave Answer: ABD QUESTION 671Which two statements about GLBP are true? (Choose two.) A.    It uses Hello, Request and Reply packet reply.B.    Each GLBP group supports up to 4 MAC address.C.    It support stateful switchover.D.    It communities to multicast address    It allows members to elect up to two gateways as the AVG. Answer: BC QUESTION 672An NASSA area has two ABRs connected to Area 0. Which statement is true? A.    Both ABRs translate Type-7 LSAs to Type-5 LSAs.B.    The ABR with the highest router ID translates Type-7 LSAs to Type-5 LSAs.C.    No LSAs translation is needed.D.    Both ABRs forward Type-5 LSAs from the NASA area to backbone area. Answer: B QUESTION 673You need to modify the IOS L3switch configuration for High Availability operation. What additional configuration is needed, if any? A.    Modify the configuration to use VRRP, which has additional functionally that works better for High Availability.B.    Enable HSRP preempt with a delay to allow time for he routing and switching protocols to converge.C.    Enable HSRP preempt to force the primary L3 switch to resume th master role after a failure.D.    The shown configuration is sufficient for High functionally. Answer: B QUESTION 674Which two statements about Cisco IOS XE are true? (Choose two) A.    It is deployed in a Linux-based environmentB.    Separate images are required for platform-dependent codeC.    It uses a service blade outside Cisco IOS XE to integrate and run applicationsD.    The FED feature provides separation between the control plane and the data planeE.    Its functions run as multiple separate processes in the OS Answer: AE QUESTION 675Which topology allows the split-horizon rule to be safely disabled when using EIGRP? A.    Hub and spokeB.    RingC.    Full meshD.    Partial mesh Answer: A QUESTION 676Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?   A.    BFD and SPF throttling are configuredB.    Only BFD is enabledC.    BFD, SPF, and LSA timers are turned for faster convergenceD.    Fast convergence is not configured Answer: C QUESTION 677Which two loops-prevention mechanisms are implemented in BGP? (Choose two) A.    The command bgp bestpath as-path-ignore enables the strict checking of AS_PATH so that they drop routes with their own AS in the AS_PATH.B.    A route with its own cluster ID in the CKUSTER_LIST is dropped automatically when the route reenters its own AS.C.    The command bgpbestpath med missing-as-worst assigns the smallest possible MED, which directly prevents a loop.D.    The command bgpallowa-in enables a route with its own AS_PATH to be dropped when it reenters its own ASE.    A route with its own AS in the AS_PATH is dropped automatically if the routereenters its own AS. Answer: BE QUESTION 678Which two conditions can cause unicast flooding? (Choose two) A.    RIB table overflowB.    Forwarding table overflowC.    Symmetric routingD.    Multiple MAC addresses in the Layer 2 forwarding tableE.    Recurring TCNs Answer: BE QUESTION 679Which three components are in an MPLS header? (Choose three) A.    4-bit experimental use fieldB.    4-bit label stack entryC.    an 8-bit TTLD.    2-bottom of stackE.    3-bit experimental use fieldF.    20-bit label Answer: CEF QUESTION 680Refer to the exhibit. After observing that an OSPF neighbor relationship failed to form, you executed a debug that returned the given output. Which configuration issue prevented the OSPF neighbor relationship from forming?   A.    The stub flag is set on the neighboring device.B.    The devices are on different subnets.C.    The hello and hold timers are mismatched.D.    The area IDs are mismatched. Answer: B More free Lead2pass 400-101 exam new questions on Google Drive: Lead2pass is one of the leading exam preparation material providers. We have a complete range of exams offered by the top vendors. You can download 400-101 dumps in PDF format on Comparing with others', our 400-101 exam questions are more authoritative and complete. What's more, the 400-101 dumps are the latest. 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