This page was exported from New Lead2pass Dumps PDF Version Released For Free Downloading [ ] Export date:Sat Oct 31 1:02:16 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2018-2-7] Lead2pass VMware 2V0-602 Exam Dumps Free Download --------------------------------------------------- Lead2pass New Updated 2V0-602 Braindump Free Get.v.2018-2-7.313q: QUESTION 276What two utilities provide a VMware vSphere 6.x Administrator a detailed look at how ESXi uses resources in real time? (Choose two.) A.    EsxtopB.    Vim-cmdC.    ResxtopD.    Esxcli Answer: ACExplanation: QUESTION 277What two files are created when the Take snapshot operation is executed? (Choose two.) A.    .delta.vmdkB.    .nvramC.    .vmsnD.    .lck Answer: ACExplanation: QUESTION 278Which three object types can be stored in the Content Library? (Choose three.) A.    vDS backupsB.    VM templatesC.    vAPP templatesD.    ISO files Answer: BCDExplanation: QUESTION 279A vSphere Administrator sees the alarm: vSphere HA virtual machine failed to failover This occurred for a number of virtual machines on a particular ESXi host in a cluster with vSphere High Availability (HA) enabled. The virtual machines guest operating systems never reported a power event. What happened? A.    The virtual machines were vMotioned off of the ESXi host.B.    The ESXi host is still running but has disconnected from the network.C.    The ESXi host failed and vSphere HA successfully failed over the virtual machines.D.    The previous virtual machine cloning operations failed to complete. Answer: C QUESTION 280Which three options are available for remediation with Proactive HA? (Choose three.) A.    Quarantine mode for moderate and Power off for severe failure.B.    Quarantine mode for all failures.C.    Power off for all failures.D.    Quarantine mode for moderate and Maintenance mode for severe failure.E.    Maintenance mode for all failures. Answer: BDEExplanation: QUESTION 281Virtual machines do not power on after completing the clone or deploy from template workflow in the vSphere Web Client. What two solutions will fix this problem? (Choose two.) A.    Increase the virtual machine memory reservation.B.    Increase the amount of memory assigned to the virtual machine.C.    Increase the EVC compatibility mode setting.D.    Increase the datastore size where the virtual machine swap file exists. Answer: ADExplanation: QUESTION 282What two scenarios will prevent extending a VMDK that is attached to a powered on VM? (Choose two.) A.    VMDK has snapshots present.B.    VMDK is connected using LSI logic SAS controller.C.    VMDK is connected using IDE controller.D.    VMDK is running an unsupported Guest OS. Answer: ADExplanation: QUESTION 283ESXi supports which three iSCSI adapters? (Choose three.) A.    SoftwareB.    Protocol EndpointC.    FCoED.    Dependent HardwareE.    Independent Hardware Answer: ADEExplanation: QUESTION 284What two virtual hardware devices can be added to a powered on VM? (Choose two.) A.    Virtual disk connected using SCSI controllerB.    Virtual disk connected using IDE controllerC.    Network adapterD.    Serial Port Answer: ACExplanation: QUESTION 285Which three options are available when applying a Customization Specification to an existing virtual machine? (Choose three.) A.    Modify a specificationB.    Select an existing specificationC.    Import a specificationD.    Create a specification from an existing specificationE.    Create a specification Answer: BDEExplanation: QUESTION 286A VMware vSphere 6.x Administrator is tasked with configuring vRealize Log Insight. What three ports can be used for syslog? (Choose three.) A.    514/UDPB.    1514/TCPC.    8443/TCPD.    514/TCPE.    123/UDP Answer: ABDExplanation: QUESTION 287Which key combination will let a vSphere Administrator revert to the previous version or build of ESXi? A.    Shift+RB.    Ctrl+RC.    Shift+VD.    Ctrl+Z Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 288A vSphere Administrator notices that upgrading VMware Tools on a single VM fails. Upon closer inspection, the summary tab shows that the VMware Tools status is unmanaged. What is true about this virtual machine? A.    There are not any vSphere users that have permissions for the virtual machine.B.    The VMware Tools are so old that ESXi fails to upgrade the tools.C.    The VMware Tools were installed with non-default options chosen.D.    The VMware tools installed is an Operating System specific Package (OSP). Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 289Which password meets the default password requirements in ESXi 6.x? A.    Xqavntthi3B.    xQA!3hC.    xTaMEhb!D.    Xqa_hin3 Answer: C QUESTION 290Which two statements are true when configuring a virtual flash resources (vFlash)? (Choose two.) A.    Virtual Machines cannot reside on the virtual flash resource.B.    Only Shared Storage can be configured as a virtual flash resource.C.    vSphere DRS does not support vFlash resources.D.    vFlash resources are managed at the ESXi host level. Answer: AD QUESTION 291When adding a new VLAN to an existing virtual distributed switch, which three steps are necessary? (Choose three.) A.    Right click the vDS and select Distributed Port Group, then select New Distributed Port Group.B.    Right click on the data center, select Distributed Switch, select New Distributed Switch.C.    Specify the VLAN ID and VLAN type.D.    Provide a name for the Distributed Port Group.E.    Specify the number of physical uplinks form the vDS to the VLAN. Answer: ACD QUESTION 292What is the maximum supporter number of vCPU per VM in VMware vSphere 6.5? A.    256B.    128C.    32D.    64 Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 293Which is a valid requirement for deploying the vCenter Server Appliance 6.x to a DRS cluster? A.    One ESXi host in the cluster must not be in maintenance mode or lockdown mode.B.    At least one host in the cluster must not be in maintenance mode or lockdown mode.C.    One ESXi host in the cluster must not be in lockdown mode.D.    All ESXi hosts in the cluster must not be in maintenance mode. Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 294An ESXi host has limited network connectivity. What three troubleshooting steps can a vSphere Administrator take? (Choose three.) A.    Verify that all NICs are configured to support the promiscuous mode.B.    Verify that portfast (or equivalent) is enabled on all the physical switch ports that the ESXi host is connected to.C.    Verify that the speed and duplex of the network links are consistent.D.    Use ESXCLI to verify that the virtual switch NIC teaming is properly set.E.    Verify that all NICs connected to the same ToR switch are part of the same LAG. Answer: BCDExplanation: QUESTION 295What are two uses of the vRealize Log Insight Agents for Windows and Linux? (Choose two.) A.    Monitor the state of syslog/eventmgr servicesB.    Collect events from flat test filesC.    Control the state of the syslog/eventmgr servicesD.    Monitor directories with the filesystem Answer: ABExplanation: QUESTION 296After enabling iSCSI port binding on ESXi hosts, a vSphere Administrator can no longer reach an iSCSI Array Target from the configured software iSCSI initiators. Which can be the root cause for the failure? A.    All VMkernel ports used for iSCSI connectivity reside in the same broadcast domain and IP subnet.B.    LACP other link aggregation was used on the ESXi hosts uplinks to connect to the physical switches.C.    All VMkernel ports used for iSCSI connectivity reside in the same vSwitch.D.    Array Target iSCSI ports reside in the same broadcast domain and IP subnet as the VMkernel ports. Answer: B QUESTION 297One of your virtual machines (VM) has performance issues and sometimes in unresponsive. Which VM file must be checked in order to find the root cause? A.    vpxd.logB.    ds.logC.    vminst.logD.    vmware.log Answer: C QUESTION 298ESXi 6.x can be installed upon which three supported hardware configurations? (Choose three.) A.    Local disk connected through Serial ATA (SATA)B.    Intel NX/XD disabled for the CPU in the system BIOSC.    1 GbE network adapterD.    2 GB of physical RAME.    Intel NX/XD enabled for the CPU in the system BIOS Answer: ACEExplanation: QUESTION 299VM Components Protection (VMCP) can provide automated recovery for which two virtual machine failures? (Choose two.) A.    All Paths DownB.    Permanent Device LossC.    Firmware failuresD.    Driver Failures Answer: ABExplanation: QUESTION 300Which two choices are valid ways to patch an ESXi host? (Choose two.) A.    Utilizing the esxcli Command Line InterfaceB.    Configuring a Host ProfileC.    vRealize Operations ManagerD.    vSphere Update Manager Answer: AD QUESTION 301What are two valid iSCSI discovery methods? (Choose two.) A.    Assigned DiscoveryB.    Automatic DiscoveryC.    Static DiscoveryD.    LUN MaskingE.    Dynamic Discovery Answer: CEExplanation: QUESTION 302A vCenter Server displays this error for a single host: Virtual machine creation may fail because agent is unable to retrieve VM creation options from the host Which action will allow a vSphere Administrator to resolve the issue? A.    Log in to the vSphere Web Client, select the ESXi host and manually place it into Quarantine Mode.B.    Log in to the vCenter Server Appliance Management UI and reboot the VCSA.C.    Log in to the vSphere Web Client, select the cluster that the ESXi host belongs to and turn off DRS.D.    Log in to the host DCUI, press F2 and navigate to Troubleshooting Options> Restart management Agents. Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 303Which option is true during a virtual machine cold migration? A.    Data is transferred over the vMotion VMKernel interface.B.    The datastore of the virtual machine cannot be changed.C.    Migrating a virtual machine from an Intel-based host to a AMD-based host generates an error.D.    Migrating a 64-bit virtual machine to a 32-bit host generates a warning. Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 304A vSphere Administrator notices that one of the virtual machines has been configured for VMDirectPath I/ O, and a physical NIC has been assigned to the VM. What feature is not available to this VM? A.    Storage DRSB.    VMware Tools upgradesC.    vMotionD.    Virtual Machine Compatibility version upgrades Answer: C QUESTION 305A VMware vSphere 6.x Administrator has been tasked with enabling the Integrated Load Balancer for the new vRealize Log Insight cluster. What three options are required before the Integrated Load Balancer can be used? (Choose three.) A.    The time on the vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance must be synchronized with an NTP server.B.    All vRealize Log Insight nodes are configured as the same size.C.    The vRealize Log Insight master and work nodes must have CA signed certificates.D.    Verify that all vRealize Log Insight nodes and the specified Integrated Load Balancer IP address are on the same network.E.    The vRealize Log Insight master and worker nodes must have the same certificates. Answer: ACDExplanation: QUESTION 306A vSphere Administrator attempts to remove a host from a vSphere distributed switch, and fails. There is a notification that resources are still in use. What are two possible causes? (Choose two.) A.    There are virtual machine network adapters connected to the distributed switch.B.    There are VMkernel adapters on the distributed switch that are in use.C.    The administrator does not have sufficient rights to remove the host from the distributed switch.D.    The ESXi host has a virtual machine with over 256 GB RAM assigned. Answer: ABExplanation: QUESTION 307A vSphere Administrator wants to migrate a virtual machine from a host with an AMD Opteron CPU to an intel Xeon CPU. Which method should be used? A.    Storage vMotionB.    vMotionC.    Cold MigrationD.    Hot Migration Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 308A vSphere Administrator has stated that currently Private VLAN is utilized to prevent cross-talk on the dedicated backup network. What two actions are required to implement Private VLAN in VMware vSphere? (Choose two.) A.    Configure Private VLAN at the dvPort Group.B.    Upgrade to VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus.C.    Enable Promiscuous Mode.D.    Configure Private VLAN at the dvSwitch level. Answer: AC QUESTION 309What are two valid states for Compliance Status in VM Storage Policy? (Choose two.) A.    CompliantB.    OrphanedC.    InvalidD.    Out of Date Answer: ADExplanation: QUESTION 310A VMware vSphere 6.x Administrator is looking at the following output from esxtop on an ESXi host: What does DAVG/cmd represent? A.    Average device latency per command in millisecondsB.    Average ESXi VMkernel latency per command in millisecondsC.    Average queue latency per command in millisecondsD.    Average guest operating system latency per command in milliseconds. 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