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What are three actions that the control word performs in MPLS AToM? (Choose three.)

A.    is used to identify the VC label
B.    is used for padding small packets
C.    preserves the sequence of the transported frames
D.    facilitates the load balancing of AToM packets in the MPLS backbone network
E.    carries control bits of the Layer 3 header of the transported protocol
F.    is used to identify the tunnel label

Answer: BCD

With EIGRP DUAL, a feasible successor is considered loop-free if which condition is true?

A.    Its AD is equal to the metric of the successor
B.    Its AD is less than the successor’s FD
C.    Its AD is equal to the successor’s FD
D.    Its AD is greater than the successor’s FD
E.    Its FD is equal to the metric of the successor

Answer: B

Customers connecting to a Service Provider for Internet access are intending to implement redundant peering. The design requirements call for preferring a primary link for both ingress and egress traffic. Secondary links should be used only during primary outages. What two BGP deployment options will accomplish this design goal? (Choose two.)

A.    On the router handling the secondary link, advertise routes with a MED value of 0.
B.    On the router handling the primary link, set the weight for all incoming routes to be a value of 0.
C.    On the router handling the secondary link, advertise all routes with a longer AS-PATH value.
D.    On the router handling the primary link, advertise all routes with a longer AS-PATH value.
E.    On the router handling the secondary link, set the local preference for all incoming routes to be a value of 0.

Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit. R1 and R2 are multicast routers running PIM over Serial1/0.
The PIM adjacency on R1 is not forming with the given configuration.
What command can be entered on R1 to resolve the issue?


A.    no access-list 100 deny 103 any any
B.    no access-list 100 deny udp any any eq 103
C.    no access-list 100 deny ip any host
D.    no access-list 100 deny ip any host

Answer: A
All PIM protocols share a common control message format. PIM control messages are sent as raw IP datagrams (protocol number 103), either multicast to the link-local ALL PIM ROUTERS multicast group, or unicast to a specific destination. Reference: http://www.metaswitch.com/resources/what-is-protocol-independent-multicast-pim

There are two cabling schemes to choose from when implementing a Cisco CRS-1 multi shelf system: single module cabling and multi module cabling.
What is the maximum capacity of the LCCs that are supported in multi module cabling?

A.    9 LCCs
B.    7 LCCs
C.    10 LCCs
D.    6 LCCs
E.    8 LCCs

Answer: A

Which statement about MPLS TE Fast Reroute (FRR) node protection operation is not correct?

A.    It requires a next-next hop backup tunnel.
B.    Point of local repair (PLR) swaps the next hop label and pushes the backup label.
C.    The backup tunnel terminates on the merge point (MP) where traffic rejoins the primary tunnel.
D.    The backup tunnel can have associated bandwidth capacity.
E.    Restoration time is expected under 50 ms.

Answer: E

Regarding to EIGRP protocol, a “successor” is:

A.    A neighbor that has met the feasibility condition
B.    A neighbor that has met the feasibility condition and has the lowest cost path towards the destination
C.    Any neighbor that is in the path towards the destination.
D.    Any neighbor that is in the path towards the destination and whose reported distance equals the feasible distance.

Answer: B

Which three statements about MPLS Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) are valid?

A.    LDP hello packets are sent to UDP port 646
B.    LDP hello packets are sent to TCP port 711
C.    LDP sessions are TCP sessions to port 646
D.    LDP sessions are TCP sessions to port 711
E.    LDP establishes a peer relationship with another router that must be directly attached.
F.    LDP can establishes a peer relationship with another router that is not directly attached

Answer: ACF

Select two valid administratively scoped multicast addresses in networks running Interior Gateway protocols like EIGRP and OSPF (Choose two).


Answer: AC

A network engineer is designing the BGP architecture with a requirement of preventing the AS from becoming a Transit AS path, using the following configuration:

router bgp 65000
neighbor route-map BGP-ROUTE-POLICY in

The goal is to prevent routes learned from from being advertised to any other eBGP peering in the AS 65000.
What command should be used within the route map to achieve this goal while keeping existing route policies in place?

A.    set community no-export additive
B.    set community no-advertise
C.    set community no-advertise additive
D.    set community no-export

Answer: A
Setting no-advertise will block the route from being advertised to anywhere anywhere, question says it wants to prevent the AS from becoming transit, therefore no-export will stop any eBGP router advertising outbound and therefore stop transit.

A service provider is implementing Ethernet solutions for clients that are not being provisioned within the MPLS core network.
Which solution allows the Service Provider to complete Ethernet circuit provisioning in this scenario?

A.    L2TPv3
B.    VPLS
C.    AToM
D.    PPPoE

Answer: A
L2TPv3 defines the L2TP protocol fortunnelingLayer 2 payloads over an IP core network using Layer 2 virtual private networks (VPNs). Benefits of this feature include the following:
– Simplifies deployment of VPNs.
– Does not require Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) virtual private network (VPN).
– Supports Layer 2tunnelingover IP for any payload.
– Supports data encapsulation directly over IP (IP protocol number 115), not using User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
– Supports point-to-point sessions, not point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-point sessions
– Supports sessions between the same Layer 2 protocols, for example Frame Relay-to-Frame Relay or ATM-to-ATM.

Which is the main characteristic of LTE architecture comparing to other mobile architectures?

A.    Provides supports to deploy Layer 3 MPLS VPN model, where other mobile architectures do not support.
B.    Offers node redundancy with the static route configured on the IP NodeB using the HSRP/VRRP virtual ip address.
C.    Provides a simpler, less hierarchical model with the capability of simplistically distributing the core gateways.
D.    Introduces a hierarchical model with connection-oriented service requirements and one- to-one relationships.

Answer: C

If two routers, both reachable from one another, originate functionally equivalent type 2 external LSAs (i.e. same destination, cost and non-zero forwarding address). Which of the following statements would apply?

A.    Only the LSA generated by the lowest RID ASBR will exist in the network
B.    Two LSAs will exist in the network for this destination, but only the one generated by the highest RID ASBR will be used
C.    Two LSAs will exist in the network for this destination, and both will be used
D.    Only the LSA generated by the highest RID ASBR will exist in the network

Answer: D

When troubleshooting a DoS attack, a support engineer finds a huge number of packets that are destined to one of the core routers interface IP address. By the time the packets reach this core router, they have a TTL of 0. Based on Cisco platform running IOS 15.3S, which technique is most effective in resolving this problem?

A.    Configure LPTS.
B.    Configure an ACL on the core router interface.
C.    Configure CoPP on the core router.
D.    Configure policing on PE routers.
E.    Configure a receive ACL on the core router.

Answer: C

Routes redistributed into an OSPF ASBR are which LSA type?

A.    LSA type 6
B.    LSA type 1
C.    LSA type 2
D.    LSA type 5
E.    LSA type 3
F.    LSA type 4

Answer: D

What three major tasks are performed by a Designated Intermediate System in an ISIS pseudonode environment? (Choose three.)

A.    updating the pseudonode LSP
B.    maintaining pseudonode link-state information
C.    creating the pseudonode LSP
D.    flooding LSPs over the LAN
E.    election of the pseudonode

Answer: ACD

The mechanisms for distributing LDP are:

A.    CEF and the FIB table
B.    UDP and IP
C.    A and B
D.    RSVP and CEF
E.    LDP and RSVP

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. Why is R3 unable to install in its routing table?


A. exists in the routing table, so the conditional advertising is not working.
B.    The route is filtered out by the ip prefix-list ROUTE-IN command.
C. is advertising in the BGP table, so conditional advertising is not working.
D.    The bgp redistribute-internal command is missing under the R2 BGP process.

Answer: D
You can’t redistribute from iBGP to any IGP unless you have “bgp redistribute-internal”.

Refer to the exhibit. A web server is connected to a switch via two Gigabit Ethernet links. These two links are bundled into a single logical link that provides the aggregate bandwidth of 2 Gbps. The support engineer notices that traffic from the Internet to the web server uses both Gigabit Ethernet links. However, traffic from the web server to the Internet uses only one link.
Which CLI command on the exhibit causes this behavior?
A.    lacp port-priority 32768 in interface configuration mode
B.    channel-group 5 mode passive
C.    lacp port-priority 32768 in global configuration mode
D.    port-channel load-balance dst-mac

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which IOS command under the BGP VPNv4 address family implements a secondary backup path to the destination

A.    maximum-paths ibgp2
B.    bgp additional-paths install
C.    bgp recursion host
D.    bgp advertise-best-external

Answer: B
http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/routers/crs/software/crs_r4-2/routing/command/reference/b_routing_cr42crs/b_routing_cr42crs_chapter_01.html#wp28 41279186

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