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Which three guidelines and limitation of policy-based routing are true? (Choose 3)

A.    A match command can refer to more than one ACL in a route map used for policy-based routing
B.    The same route map can be shared among different interfaces for policy-based routing as long as the interfaces belong to the same VRF instance
C.    Setting a tunnel interface or an IP address via a tunnel interface as a next hop in a policy-based routing policy is not supported
D.    An ACL used in a policy-based routing route map cannot include a deny statement
E.    A policy-based routing route mao can have multiple match or set statements per route-map statement
F.    Policy-based routing and WCCPv2 are not supported on the same interface chaining is disabled

Answer: BCD

You configured a new appliance port, but the port has a pinning failure.
Which option is a possible cause ?

A.    The appliance port admin speed must be adjusted.
B.    Appliance VLANs are duplicated in global VLANS.
C.    The appliance is configure for NPV.
D.    Appliance VLANs are missing duplicate global VLANs.

Answer: D

Which options is a consortium of service providers and vendors that address NFV architecture and orchestration for NFV?

A.    IEEE
B.    IETF
C.    ONF
D.    ETSI

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. When utilizing the cisco application virtual switch in an ACI FABRIC, it can be deployed in two types of switching modes.
Which 2 types of encapsulation can be used in each mode? (Choose 2)


A.    No local switching : VXLAN
B.    No local switching : vlan or vxlan
C.    No local switching : VLAN
D.    Local switching : VLAN
E.    Local switching: VLAN OR VXLAN
F.    Local switching : VXLAN

Answer: AE

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about these commands is true?


A.    The outputs of the debug are redirected on a file test on the “log” directory.
B.    The command does not have an effect unless you configure “debug enable”
C.    The outputs of the debug are redirected to the logging buffer.
D.    If you are on a console connection, the outputs are shown after the event occurs.

Answer: A

Which two statements about the clear zone database VSAN 2 command when performed on a Cisco Nexus 5500 switch are true? (choose two)

A.    The zone set for VSAN 2 is cleared from all switches in VSAN 2.
B.    You must issue the copy running-configuration startup-configuration command to copy the active zone set full zone set database after this command.
C.    The active and full zone set for VSAN2 is deactivated and erased from the local switch.
D.    This command is valid only if the feature clear zone is enabled.
E.    The full zone set database is cleared for VSAN 2 and the active zone set database for VSAN 2 is untouched.

Answer: BE

Which Programming language is used at the core of OpenStack?

A.    Java
B.    Python
C.    Ruby
D.    C++

Answer: B

Refer to the Exhibit. Which Two CLI actions are appropriate to try to resolve the enhanced zoning lock problem? (Choose 2)


A.    Use the show zone internal vsan 16 command to determine the ip address of the user and the MDS switch where the lock is currently held.
B.    Use the no zone commit vsan command on the switch that holds the lock to release the lock if you are the holder of the lock.
C.    Use the no zone commit vsan <vsan id> force command on the switch that holds the lock to release the lock if another user holds the lock.
D.    Use the clear zone lock command to remove the lock. Use this command on each switch in the fabric for vsan 16 only.
E.    Using either cisco fabric manager or the CLI, reactivate the existing zone set for VSAN 16. Be careful to only reactivate and not deactivate to avoid a disruption in service.

Answer: BD

Which standard REST API method allows you to create a managed object?

A.    POST
B.    GET
D.    SET

Answer: A
Write Operations
Create and update operations to the REST API are actually both implemented using the POST method, so that if an object does not already exist it will be created, and if it does already exist, it will be updated to reflect any changes between its existing state and desired state.
Both create and update operations can contain complex object hierarchies, so that a complete tree can be defined within a single command, so long as all objects are within the same context root and they are under the 1MB limit for data payloads to the REST API. This limit is in place to guarantee performance and protect the system under high load.

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about this output from two different switches is true?


A.    Based on this exhibit, a zone merge problem will not occur, but a warning is generated that indicates that some minor differences in the zone set exist.
B.    There is no way to tell if a zone merge problem will be encountered with just the current display. Additional commands will need to be performed in order to determine if a problem exists.
C.    Based on this exhibit, a zone merge problem will occur.
D.    This exhibit shows no problem. No zone merge issues occur for VSAN 1 based on the current displays.

Answer: B

Which four products are part of the cisco virtual application container service? (Choose 4)

A.    Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
B.    Cisco Virtual Security Gateway
C.    Cisco Prime Network Services controller
D.    Cisco ASR 1000 Router
E.    Cisco Nexus 1000V
F.    Cisco UCS Director

Answer: BCEF

Which two statement about Cisco UCS Director Workflow are true? (Choose 2)

A.    You build workflows using a drag-and-drop user interface called workflow designer.
B.    Each task in workflow designer is built using python script.
C.    Looping and conditional branching cannot be implemented.
D.    You arrange tasks in sequence and define inputs and outputs t othose tasks. Outputs from earlier tasks are available to use as inputs to any subsequent task.

Answer: AD

Refer to the Exhibit. When specifying subnets under a bridge domain for a given tenant, the user can specify the scope of a subnet. Which definition of the public subnet scope is true?


A.    It indicates that this subnet is advertised to the external router by the border leaf.
B.    It indicates that this subnet is advertised to the border lead in ACI fabric.
C.    It indicates that it must be leaked to one or more private networks within ACI fabric.
D.    It indicates that this subnet is advertised to public internet and must be protected by a firewall.

Answer: A

For which two multicast distribution modes is RP configuration required? (Choose 2)

A.    RPF routes for multicast
B.    SSM
D.    ASM

Answer: CD

Which two statements about CFS are true? (Choose 2)

A.    CFS distributes the local NTP configuration to master only which then forwards to all devices in network.
B.    If CFS is used to distribute NTP, all devices in the network must have the different VRF’s configured then as used for NTP.
C.    You must manually distribute NTP authentication keys on the NTP server and Cisco NX-OS devices across the network.
D.    After enabling CFS, a network-wide lock is applied to NTP whenever an NTP configuration is started and released once after the change has been committed or discarded.

Answer: CD
Distributing NTP Using CFS
Cisco Fabric Services (CFS) distributes the local NTP configuration to all Cisco devices in the network.
After enabling CFS on your device, a network-wide lock is applied to NTP whenever an NTP configuration is started. After making the NTP configuration changes, you can discard or commit them.
In either case, the CFS lock is then released from the NTP application.

Which two guidelines and limitations of netflow on Cisco NX-OS are true? (Choose 2)

A.    If you change a layer 2 interface to a layer 3 interface, the software converts the layer 2 netflow to layer 3 netflow automatically.
B.    Valid record name is optional to configure.
C.    The cisco nexus 2000 series fabric extender does not support bridged netflow.
D.    Only layer 2 netflow is applied on layer 2 interfaces, and only layer 3 netflow is applied on layer 3 interfaces.
E.    You must configure a source interface. If you do not configure a source interface, the exported remains in a disabled state.

Answer: DE
Guidelines and Limitations
NetFlow has the following configuration guidelines and limitations:
•You must configure a source interface. If you do not configure a source interface, the exporter will remain in a disabled state.
•You must configure a valid record name for every flow monitor.
•A rollback will fail if you try to modify a record that is programmed in the hardware during a rollback.
•Only Layer 2 NetFlow is applied on Layer 2 interfaces, and only Layer 3 NetFlow is applied on Layer 3 interfaces.
•If you add a member to a port channel that is already configured for Layer 2 NetFlow, its NetFlow configuration is removed and the Layer 2 configuration of the port channel is added to it.
•If you change a Layer 2 interface to a Layer 3 interface, the software removes the Layer 2 NetFlow configuration from the interface.
•Use v9 export to see the full 32-bit SNMP ifIndex values at the NetFlow connector.
•The maximum number of supported NetFlow entries is 512K.
•The Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender supports bridged NetFlow.
•Beginning with Cisco NX-OS Release 5.2, NetFlow is supported on switch virtual interfaces (SVIs) for F1 Series ports. Bridged NetFlow on F1 Series ports is not supported.

Which two statement about NFS appliance port failover and network uplink failure on Cisco UCS are true? (Choose 2)

A.    By Default, appliance ports are shutdown if the uplink that they are pinned to goes down.
B.    Failover cannot be configured on the Cisco UCS side for appliance ports.
C.    By design, Cisco UCS fabric interconnects operate as one large fabric.
D.    Failover must be configured on the storage side and Cisco UCS side, and it must be implemented with the correct network design while specific failover behaviors for storage controller are kept in mind.
E.    To change default appliance port behavior, configure an appliance port failover policy and set the action to be taken upon uplink failure.

Answer: AB

Which two statements about VXLAN are true? (Choose 2)

A.    VXLAN uses a UDP destination port 4987.
B.    VXLAN adds an additional 32 bytes worth of headers.
C.    A VTEP is virtual or physical device that maps end devices to VXLAN segments.
D.    Devices that terminate VXLAN tunnels are known as VTEPs.

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. Health scores can be aggregated for a variety of areas such as for the system, infrastructure, tenants, applications, or services. Which health score level is the exhibit from APIC GUI an example of?


A.    Managed object
B.    Pod
C.    Tenant
D.    System

Answer: B

On a cluster with three APICs, on which APIC can you see actual device package logs?

A.    Depending on the deivce package, on the APIC that is a leader for that device package
B.    APIC 1
C.    Depending on the tenant, on the APIC that is a leader for the shard for that particular tenant
D.    On the one that is a leader for device package service.

Answer: B

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