This page was exported from New Lead2pass Dumps PDF Version Released For Free Downloading [ ] Export date:Thu Jul 9 10:27:35 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017 New] Free Download Lead2pass Cisco 400-101 VCE And PDF Dumps (201-220) --------------------------------------------------- 2017 July Cisco Official New Released 400-101 Dumps in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! Lead2pass provides 100% pass 400-101 exam questions and answers for your Cisco 400-101 exam. We provide Cisco 400-101 exam questions from Lead2pass dumps and answers for the training of 400-101 practice test. Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 201Which three technologies can be used to implement redundancy for IPv6? (Choose three) A.    IPv6 NAB.    NHRPC.    HSRPD.    DVMRPE.    GLBPF.    IPv6 RAAnswer: CEF QUESTION 202An IPv6 network has different MTUs on different segments, if the network is experiencing reliability issues, which option is the most likely reason? A.    ICMPv6 is filtered.B.    The Do Not Fragment bit is marked.C.    HSRPv6 is configured incorrectly.D.    The MTU size is greater than 1470 bytes. Answer: A QUESTION 203What are two reasons for an OSPF neighbor relationship to be stuck in exstart/exchange state? (Choose two.) A.    There is an area ID mismatchB.    There is an MTU mismatchC.    Both routers have the same router ID.D.    There is an authentication mismatchE.    Both routers have the same OSPF process ID Answer: BC QUESTION 204Which IP SLA operation requires Cisco endpoints? A.    UDP Jitter for VoIPB.    ICMP Path EchoC.    ICMP EchoD.    UDP Jitter Answer: A QUESTION 205What are two functions of an NSSA in an OSPF network design ?(Choose two) A.    It overcomes issues with suboptimal routing when there are multiple exit points from the areasB.    It uses opaque LSAsC.    It allows ASBRs to inject extemal routing information into the areaD.    An ASBR advertises type 7 LSAs into the areaE.    An ABR advertises type 7 LSAs into the area Answer: CD QUESTION 206Which two statements about out-of-order packet transmission are true? (Choose two.) A.    It can occur when packets are duplicated and resentB.    It occurs only over TCP connectionsC.    It can occur when packets are dropped and resentD.    It can occur when packets take the same path to arrive at the same destinationE.    It can occur when packets use different paths to arrive at the same destination. Answer: BE QUESTION 207What is used to acknowledge the receipt of LSPs on a point-to-point network in IS-IS? A.    helloB.    CSNPC.    PSNPD.    IIHE.    CSH Answer: C QUESTION 208Which two options are restrictions of BGP ORF? (Choose two) A.    It can be used only with IPv4 multicast.B.    It requires access lists to match routes.C.    It can be used only with eBGP.D.    Multicast is not supported.E.    It can be used only with iBGP. Answer: CD QUESTION 209What are the two Cisco recommended methods for reducing the size of the TCAM on a Layer 3 switch? (Choose two) A.    Use the ip route profile command.B.    Adjust the output queue buffers.C.    Filter unwanted routes.D.    Optimize the SDM template.E.    Use summary routes. Answer: CE QUESTION 210Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?   A.    The Cisco PfR state is UP; however, the external interface Et0/1 of border router has exceeded the maximum available bandwidth threshold.B.    The Cisco PfR state is UP; however, an issue is preventing the border router from establishing a TCP session to the master controller.C.    The Cisco PfR state is UP and is able to monitor traffic flows; however, MD5 authentication has not been successful between the master controller and the border routers.D.    The Cisco PfR State is UP; however, the receive capacity was not configured for inbound traffic.E.    The Cisco PfR state is UP, and the link utilization out-of-policy threshold is set to 90 percent for traffic exiting the external links. Answer: E QUESTION 211Which two statements about TCP MSS are true? (Choose two.) A.    The two endpoints in a TCP connection report their MSS values to one another.B.    It operates at Layer 3.C.    MSS values are sent in TCP SYN packetsD.    It sets the maximum amount of data that a host sends in an individual datagramE.    It sets the minimum amount of data that a host accepts in an individual datagram Answer: CD QUESTION 212Which Cisco PfR monitoring mode is recommended for Internet edge deployments? A.    active modeB.    fast modeC.    active throughput modeD.    passive mode Answer: D QUESTION 213Which Catalyst switch feature configured on a per-port basis can be used to prevent attached hosts from joining select multicast group? A.    IGMP FilteringB.    MLD FilteringC.    IGMP SnoopingD.    PIM Snooping Answer: A QUESTION 214Which information is contained in an OSPF Type 7 Not-So-Stubby Area NSSA External LSA? A.    The paths and costs to all OSPF NSSA areas that are external to the current area.B.    The path and costs to reach other stub area border routers in the OSPF routing domain.C.    The address of routers that connect the current area to other areas and the cost to reach those routers.D.    External network address,mask,and cost to reach each network that is external to the OSPF domain and only within the NSSAE.    The external network address,mask,and cost to reach networks that are external to the OSPF NSSA,including the default route. Answer: D QUESTION 215Drag and Drop QuestionDrag each set action for policy-based routing on the left to the matching statement on the right.   Answer:   QUESTION 216Drag and Drop Question   Answer:   QUESTION 217Drag and Drop QuestionIPv4 host address on the left to the matching network address on the right.   Answer:     QUESTION 218Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop each EIGRP packet type from the left onto the matching description on the right.   Answer:   QUESTION 219Drag and Drop Question   Answer:     QUESTION 220Drag and Drop Question   Answer: Lead2pass is the leader in 400-101 certification test questions with training materials for Cisco 400-101 exam dumps. Lead2pass Cisco training tools are constantly being revised and updated. 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