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I’m currently studying for Cisco exam 400-101 I do enjoy studying for exams. It’s hard, but it’s an excellent forcing function. I learn bits and pieces here and there now and then about this and that, but when I have an exam schedule for a set date, I have to study! And not only do I put in more hours, but I follow a more systematic approach. In this article, I’m going to share Lead2pass braindumps in case you too are studying and this method works for you.

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Which extended ping IP header option allows you to specify one or more hops over which the packets will travel without specifying the full path?

A.    verbose
B.    loose
C.    strict
D.    record

Answer: B
Loose allows you to influence the path by specifying the address(es) of the hop(s) you want the packet to go through.
Verbose is automatically selected along with any other option.

Refer to the exhibit. If R1 and R2 cannot establish an OSPF neighbor relationship, which two action can you take to …? (Choose two)


A.    Configuration PPP authentication under the R2 Gigabitethernet 0/1 interface
B.    Change the ip local pool command on R2 to ip local pool pool1
C.    Configuration R1 to send the username and password on the Dialer 1 interface
D.    Change the PPP authentication to CHAP authentication
E.    Configure PPP encapsulation under the R1 virtual-template interface

Answer: CE

Which two statemwnts about the host address are true?(Choose two.)

A.    The network address is
B.    The network address is
C.    The network address is
D.    The broadcast address is
E.    The broadcast address is
F.    The broadcast address is

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are true?(Choose two)


A.    This is the output of the show ip ospf command
B.    This is the output the show ip protocols command
C.    This router is an ABR
D.    Authentication is not configured for the area
E.    This router is an ASBR

Answer: AD

Which IS-IS metric style is most suitable for MPLS traffic engineering?

A.    narrow
B.    wide
C.    transition
D.    flat

Answer: B

Which feature must be enabled to support IGMP snooping on a VLAN that is operating without a multicast router?

A.    PIM snooping
B.    Auto-RP
C.    The IGMP snooping querier
D.    MLD

Answer: C

Which two statements about SNMP are true? (Choose two.)

A.    SNMPv3 provides privacy and access control.
B.    All SNMP versions use get, getNext, and getBulk operations.
C.    SNMPv3 uses encrypted community strings.
D.    SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c use plaintext community strings.
E.    All SNMP versions support bulk retrieval and detailed error messages.

Answer: AB

Which three conditions must be met for IP routing state of an interface to be up? (Choose three)

A.    Cisco Express Forwarding must be enabled
B.    Cisco Discovery Protocol must be enabled on the interface
C.    The interface line-protocol state must be up
D.    A backup interface must be enabled
E.    Active IP routing must be enabled
F.    The interface must have a known IP address

Answer: CEF

Which two statements about DMVPN are true? (Choose two)

A.    It is a tunnel-less VPN technology
B.    It uses automatic IPSec triggering to build IPSec tunnels
C.    It is an open standard
D.    It supports multicast and QoS within tunnels
E.    It provides a routable interface for terminating IPSec tunnels
F.    It allows both the hub and the spokes to use dynamic IP addresses

Answer: BD

Which two options are types of EVCs?(Choose two)

A.    GRE
B.    NSSA
C.    E-line
D.    E-LAN
E.    NMBA

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. Which tag will be applied to the route?


A.    10
B.    20
C.    30
D.    40

Answer: A

Which three configuration settings match for switches to be in the same MST region?(Choose three)

A.    password
B.    domain name
C.    VLAN names
D.    revision number
E.    VLAN-to-instance assignment
F.    region name

Answer: DEF

Which feature can be used to block traffic from one host to another within one VLAN on a Layer 2 switch?

A.    port security
B.    dot1x
C.    access list
D.    protected ports

Answer: D

Which statements about PMTUD is true?

A.    It is supported by TCP and UDP.
B.    It increases the connection’s send MSS value to prevent fragmentation.
C.    GRE tunnels use PMTUD to fragment data packets by default.
D.    It is used to prevent fragmentation of packets at the endpoint of a TCP connection.
E.    It is used to prevent fragmentation of packets traveling across a smaller MTU link between two endpoints.

Answer: A

When you implement the EIGRP add-paths feature, which configuration can cause routing issues on a DMVPN circuit?

A.    disabling ECMP mode underthe EIGRP process.
B.    disabling automatic summarization
C.    enabling next-hop-self under the EIGRP process.
D.    enabling synchronization under the EIGRP process
E.    disabling the default variance underthe EIGRP process
F.    disabling NHRP when deploying EIGRP over DMVPN

Answer: E

You are performing a system diagnostics on a CSU in local loop mode and notice that the mineseen counter has failed to increment.
Which type of problem does this behavior indicate?

A.    a cabling problem
B.    an encoding problem
C.    a framing problem
D.    a timing problem

Answer: D

Which two statements about IPsec VTIs are true? (Choose two)

A.    Dynamic VTIs allow you to mix proxy types.
B.    The dynamic VTI is a multipoint interface that can support multiple IPsec SAs.
C.    The IKE SA can be bound to both the VTI and the crypto map in the router.
D.    Static VTIs can use the “IP any any” traffic selector only.
E.    The IPsec transform set must be configured in transport mode.
F.    Static VTIs can encapsulate both IPv4 and IPv6 packets, but IPv4 can carry IPv4 packets and IPv6 can carry IPv6 packets.

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the output are true?(Choose two.)


A.    Setting the priority of this switch to 0 for VLAN 1 would cause it to become the new root.
B.    This switch is the root bridge for VLAN1
C.    Spanning-tree PortFast should not be enabled on GigabitEthernet2/1
D.    802.1w spanning tree is being used
E.    Spanning tree PortFast is enabled on GigabitEthernet1/1

Answer: AC

Which encryption algorithm is enabled by the Cisco IOS command service password-encryption ?

A.    MD5
B.    Cisco Type-5
C.    Cisco AES
D.    Cisco Type-7
E.    TKIP

Answer: D

Which three fields are present in the IPv6 header? (Choose three)

A.    Next Header
B.    Traffic Class
C.    Options
D.    Time to Live
E.    Flags
F.    Flow Label

Answer: ABF

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