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QUESTION 61You are experiencing performance problems with SAP BusinessObjects reports based on SAP HANA data.Which of the following can you do to increase performance? A.    Add only relevant data to the report queries.B.    Avoid aggregation and work on raw data.C.    Merge all relevant data into a consolidated report.D.    Use drill-down or linked reports.Answer: AD QUESTION 62With which of the following do you build the vocabulary of a decision table? A.    ActionsB.    AttributesC.    ConditionsD.    Measures Answer: B QUESTION 63Which of the following sequences of steps is required before you can create a report on an analytic view using replicated SAP ERP data? A.    Set up replication from ERP - Create an analytic view - Create analytic privileges - Create a business layerB.    Create a business layer - Set up replication from ERP - Create an analytic view - Create analytic privilegesC.    Create an analytic view - Create analytic privileges - Set up replication from ERP - Create a business layerD.    Create an analytic view - Set up replication from ERP - Create analytic privileges - Create a business layer Answer: A QUESTION 64You modified an active analytic view in the SAP HANA studio and saved it without activating it.What is the consequence? A.    The inactive view is not available.B.    The inactive view is in "Read Only" mode.C.    The active view is not available.D.    The active view is in "Read Only" mode. Answer: D QUESTION 65You create a role with the following command: CREATE ROLE "InfoUser"When you try to assign this role to user PETER with the following command:GRANT InfoUser to PETER you receive an error message "Invalid user privilege:INFOUSER".What must you do to avoid this problem? A.    Recreate the role with the command CREATE ROLE InfoUser.B.    Recreate user PETER with GRANT OPTION.C.    Grant the role the WITH ADMIN OPTION.D.    Recreate the role with the command CREATE ROLE INFOUSER.E.    Grant the role with the command GRANT "InfoUser" to PETER. Answer: ADE QUESTION 66In SAP ERP there are more than 50,000 application tables. How do you determine the relevant SAP ERP tables to replicate in SAP HANA and their dependencies? A.    Use SAP ERP Data Modeler (transaction SD11).B.    Use SAP ERP ABAP Dictionary Maintenance (transaction SE11).C.    Use the SAP ERP Tables and Indexes Monitor(transaction DB02).D.    Use SAP ERP Data Browser (transaction SE16). Answer: A QUESTION 67Which of the following can be part of an analytic view? A.    Query transformationB.    UnionsC.    Logical joinsD.    Data foundationE.    Attributes Answer: CDE QUESTION 68Which of the following is a best practice in calculation views? A.    Apply a static filter on a projection node.B.    Combine analytic views with a join node.C.    Change an attribute to a measure.D.    Push calculations down to the attribute views. Answer: A QUESTION 69Your customer wants to implement a SAP product that:- Provides near real-time replication to SAP HANA- Connects SAP HANA to a non-SAP source system and SAP BW- Uses SAP extractorsWhat do you recommend? A.    SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)B.    SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)C.    Sybase Replication ServerD.    SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0 Answer: D QUESTION 70When you use SLT replication, which of the following determines the name of the SAP HANA schema where replicated data is stored? A.    The name of the secondary database connectionB.    The name of the replication configurationC.    The name of the source system schemaD.    The name of the RFC connection Answer: B Always up-to-date GreatExam C_HANAIMP151 VCE - everything you need for your SAP C_HANAIMP151 exam to pass. Our SAP C_HANAIMP151 software allows you to practise exam dumps in real C_HANAIMP151 exam environment. 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