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A.    Limit the packets captured to the snort configuration file.B.    Capture every packet on the network segment.C.    Limit the packets captured to a single segment.D.    Limit the packets captured to the /var/log/snort directory.Answer: A QUESTION 122How is sniffing broadly categorized? A.    Active and passiveB.    Broadcast and unicastC.    Unmanaged and managedD.    Filtered and unfiltered Answer: A QUESTION 123What are the three types of authentication? A.    Something you: know, remember, proveB.    Something you: have, know, areC.    Something you: show, prove, areD.    Something you: show, have, prove Answer: B QUESTION 124The use of technologies like IPSec can help guarantee the following: authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and A.    non-repudiation.B.    operability.C.    security.D.    usability. Answer: A QUESTION 125What is the main disadvantage of the scripting languages as opposed to compiled programming languages? A.    Scripting languages are hard to learn.B.    Scripting languages are not object-oriented.C.    Scripting languages cannot be used to create graphical user interfaces.D.    Scripting languages are slower because they require an interpreter to run the code. Answer: D QUESTION 126A botnet can be managed through which of the following? A.    IRCB.    E-MailC.    Linkedin and FacebookD.    A vulnerable FTP server Answer: A QUESTION 127Fingerprinting VPN firewalls is possible with which of the following tools? A.    Angry IPB.    NiktoC.    Ike-scanD.    Arp-scan Answer: C QUESTION 128What is a successful method for protecting a router from potential smurf attacks? A.    Placing the router in broadcast modeB.    Enabling port forwarding on the routerC.    Installing the router outside of the network's firewallD.    Disabling the router from accepting broadcast ping messages Answer: D QUESTION 129Which of the following is optimized for confidential communications, such as bidirectional voice and video? A.    RC4B.    RC5C.    MD4D.    MD5 Answer: A QUESTION 130Advanced encryption standard is an algorithm used for which of the following? A.    Data integrityB.    Key discoveryC.    Bulk data encryptionD.    Key recovery Answer: C QUESTION 131The fundamental difference between symmetric and asymmetric key cryptographic systems is that symmetric key cryptography uses which of the following? A.    Multiple keys for non-repudiation of bulk dataB.    Different keys on both ends of the transport mediumC.    Bulk encryption for data transmission over fiberD.    The same key on each end of the transmission medium Answer: D QUESTION 132An attacker sniffs encrypted traffic from the network and is subsequently able to decrypt it. The attacker can now use which cryptanalytic technique to attempt to discover the encryption key? A.    Birthday attackB.    Plaintext attackC.    Meet in the middle attackD.    Chosen ciphertext attack Answer: D QUESTION 133What is the primary drawback to using advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm with a 256 bit key to share sensitive data? A.    Due to the key size, the time it will take to encrypt and decrypt the message hinders efficient communication.B.    To get messaging programs to function with this algorithm requires complex configurations.C.    It has been proven to be a weak cipher; therefore, should not be trusted to protect sensitive data.D.    It is a symmetric key algorithm, meaning each recipient must receive the key through a different channel than the message. Answer: D QUESTION 134A Certificate Authority (CA) generates a key pair that will be used for encryption and decryption of email. The integrity of the encrypted email is dependent on the security of which of the following? A.    Public keyB.    Private keyC.    Modulus lengthD.    Email server certificate Answer: B QUESTION 135When setting up a wireless network, an administrator enters a pre-shared key for security. Which of the following is true? A.    The key entered is a symmetric key used to encrypt the wireless data.B.    The key entered is a hash that is used to prove the integrity of the wireless data.C.    The key entered is based on the Diffie-Hellman method.D.    The key is an RSA key used to encrypt the wireless data. Answer: A QUESTION 136An attacker has captured a target file that is encrypted with public key cryptography. Which of the attacks below is likely to be used to crack the target file? A.    Timing attackB.    Replay attackC.    Memory trade-off attackD.    Chosen plain-text attack Answer: D QUESTION 137Which of the following processes of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) ensures that a trust relationship exists and that a certificate is still valid for specific operations? A.    Certificate issuanceB.    Certificate validationC.    Certificate cryptographyD.    Certificate revocation Answer: B QUESTION 138Which of the following describes a component of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) where a copy of a private key is stored to provide third-party access and to facilitate recovery operations? A.    Key registryB.    Recovery agentC.    DirectoryD.    Key escrow Answer: D QUESTION 139To reduce the attack surface of a system, administrators should perform which of the following processes to remove unnecessary software, services, and insecure configuration settings? A.    HarvestingB.    WindowingC.    HardeningD.    Stealthing Answer: C QUESTION 140Which of the following is a common Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) vulnerability? A.    Cross-site scriptingB.    SQL injectionC.    VPath injectionD.    XML denial of service issues Answer: D More free Lead2pass 312-50v9 exam new questions on Google Drive: Comparing with others', you will find our 312-50v9 exam questions are more helpful and precise since all the 312-50v9 exam content is regularly updated and has been checked for accuracy by our team of EC-Council expert professionals. 2017 EC-Council 312-50v9 (All 589 Q&As) exam dumps (PDF&VCE) from Lead2pass: [100% Exam Pass Guaranteed] --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2017-09-29 06:14:37 Post date GMT: 2017-09-29 06:14:37 Post modified date: 2017-09-29 06:14:37 Post modified date GMT: 2017-09-29 06:14:37 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from