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A.    SIP dial rulesB.    en bloc dialingC.    digit-by-digit analysisD.    KPMLAnswer: C QUESTION 182An engineer configures a router with an ISDN PRI connection that only contains two dial peers as follows: dial-peer voice 10 potsdestination-pattern 9Tport 0/0/0:23dial-peer voice 100 voipdestination-pattern 45..session target ipv4: When an inbound call is placed from the PSTN to extension 4510, a dial tone is heard. Which additional dial peer is needed to allow the call to terminate directly to the internal number? A.    dial-peer voice 1 potsanswer-address .direct-inward-dialB.    dial-peer voice 1 potsdestination-pattern    dial-peer voice 1 potsincoming called-number .direct-inward-dialD.    dial-peer voice 1 potsdestination-pattern 45..port 0/0/0:23direct-inward-dial Answer: C QUESTION 183Which statement about traffic policing and shaping is true? A.    Shaping limits traffic rates by dropping, re-marking, or transmitting traffic.B.    Policing involves regulating excessive traffic rates by delaying (that is, buffering) traffic.C.    Traffic policing and shaping help regulate bandwidth usage by limiting the amount of traffic.D.    Traffic policing is more suitable for lower-speed links such as Multilink PPP and Frame Relay, as it buffers excess traffic. Answer: C QUESTION 184Which QoS model is bandwidth-dedicated to provide sufficient quality for applications that need high resolution, such as video terminals? A.    DiffServB.    Best-EffortC.    DiffServfD.    IntServ Answer: A QUESTION 185What is the correct configuration order of call routing to support off-net call routing? A.    device, route group, route list, route patternB.    route list, route group, route pattern, deviceC.    route pattern, route list, route group, deviceD.    device, route list, route group, route pattern Answer: C QUESTION 186Which two algorithms are valid to distribute calls in a route group? (Choose two.) A.    broadcastB.    circularC.    top-downD.    bottom-upE.    round-robin Answer: BCExplanation: (page 2) QUESTION 187Which tool can you use to evaluate dial plans for errors and to examine internal-to-internal and internal-to-external calls? A.    RTMTB.    DNAC.    QRT ViewerD.    CAR tool Answer: BExplanation: 0_cucm-dialed-number-analyzer-91/CUCM_BK_C514A4AE_00_cucm-dialed-number-analyzer-91_chapter_01.html QUESTION 188An organization with a centralized dial plan has user extensions as the last four digits of the external DID number. Some users at the head office have overlapping extensions with the users at the branch offices. Which action fixes this issue without changing user extensions and allowing users to call each other across sites? A.    Use site codes.B.    Use different CSSs for both sites.C.    Place both extensions in different partitions.D.    Change the number of digits in the internal extensions. Answer: A QUESTION 189Users that are subscribed to the default corporate directory are complaining that when they press the Directories button, they receive an error message regarding the URL. Which two parameters need to be edited? (Choose two.) A.    Verify that the corporate directory has the Enabled check box checked in the Enterprise Parameter > Phone URL Parameters page.B.    Reset the Enterprise Phone URL Parameters.C.    Reset the Service Parameter > Phone URL Parameters.D.    Change the URLs under Enterprise Parameters to match the DNS name or the IP address being used by the server being configured and reset the IP phones.E.    Verify that the corporate directory has the Enabled check box checked in the IP Phone Services > Configuration Service Information page.F.    Select the Service Parameter for the appropriate server and Cisco CallManager (active) and change the URLs for each service to match the DNS name or IP address of the server being configured. Answer: DE QUESTION 190What is the correct order for configuring call routing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? A.    gateway and SIP trunk, route group, route pattern, route listB.    gateway and SIP trunk, route list, route group, route patternC.    gateway and SIP trunk, route group, route list, route patternD.    route list, gateway and SIP trunk, route group, route pattern Answer: C More free Lead2pass 300-070 exam new questions on Google Drive: All the essential 300-070 study guides are at here to help you prepare for the Cisco 300-070 exam. We have developed our 300-070 study guides, exam questions and answers with detailed explanations, complete preparation labs to ensure you pass your test on the first try. The 300-070 PDF files are printable and portable. 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