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QUESTION 41You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to run an automated test suite with 240 long-running tests.In your test environment, you have set up four client machines to run these tests. You have assigned the Client role to all four machines.You need to make sure that when you run the test suite, the tests are distributed equally over all four client machines.What should you do? A.    Add an even amount of RAM to all four machines.B.    In the Test Controller Manager view, change the distribution property for the test controller to 4.C.    In the Content view, configure the test suite to use all four environments.D.    In the Test Controller Manager view, change the Weighting property for all four test agents to 60.  Answer: DExplanation: Test AgentThe test agent runs as a service that listens for requests from the test controller to start a new test. When a request is received, the test agent service starts a process on which to run the tests. Each test agent runs the same load test.Test agents are assigned a weight by the administrator, and load is distributed according to a test agent's weighting. For example, if test agent 1 has a weighting of 30, and test agent 2 has a weighting of 70, and the load is set to 1000 users, then test agent 1 simulates 300 virtual users whereas test agent 2 simulates 700 virtual users.Reference: Configuring Test Controllers and Test Agents for Load Testing QUESTION 42You are running a manual test using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). You have chosen to create an action recording.You want to pause the test run and exit the test runner.Before you exit the test runner, you need to mark the test case as being in progress.Which action should you perform in the test runner? A.    CloseB.    Return to Testing CenterC.    SaveD.    Save and Close Answer: BExplanation: I am running manual test using Test Runner. In here, I can pause the test and return to Testing Center. However, after I have done my work in Testing Center, how do I resume my test?A) There is discoverability issue around here and many folks have stumbled on this. You can use the button highlighted below to go back to Test Runner. QUESTION 43Drag and Drop QuestionYou are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to manage your testing efforts.You need to produce a list of manual test runs over the past week.What should you do? (To answer, move the three appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)Answer: QUESTION 44You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). You are using the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) for Agile Software Development process template. Your TFS environment includes SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition and reporting integration.You need to identify the number of bugs that are open and assigned to you.What should you do? A.    Open the Track tab in MTM and click the My Assigned Bugs link.B.    Open the Bugs Dashboard and view the Bug Progress report.C.    Open a Visual Studio 2012 Command prompt and run the ActiveBugList.exe command, pasting in username as a parameter.D.    Open the Bugs Dashboard and view the Active Bugs by Assignment report. Answer: DExplanation: - By using the Bugs dashboard, the team can answer the following questions:- Is the number of active Bugs acceptable based on team goals? Is the team postponing too many Bugs?- Is the team finding, fixing, and closing Bugs quickly enough to meet expectations and at a rate that matches previous development cycles?- Is the team addressing high priority bugs before lower priority bugs?- Does any team member need help in resolving bugs?Reference: Bugs dashboard QUESTION 45You use Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to manage your test environments.You plan to test an ASP.NET website on various topologies (such as one-tier, two-tier, three-tier, and n-tier) to ensure that the website supports scalability.You need to be able to deploy copies of predefined environments based on templates.What should you do? A.    Create a System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) environment for each topology and store them in the library. Use the library to deploy new environments.B.    Create new standard environments with physical machines.C.    Create new physical environments using physical machines.D.    Create new standard environments with machines that run under System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). Answer: AExplanation: - A virtual environment is a collection of virtual machines that is managed by Lab Management. You can run manual and automated tests from Microsoft Test Manager using this virtual environment. You can schedule Microsoft Team Foundation Build workflows to build, deploy, and test builds of your application onto virtual environments.Lab Management is integrated with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) to enable you to efficiently create, store, and run these environments.- You manage Lab Management environments for a team project from the Lab and Library tabs of Test Manager.- The Lab tab provides access to the virtual environment and machines that are deployed on the host groups of a team project. A host group is a collection of one or more physical computers that are managed by Lab Management to host the environments. You interact with a host group as if it was a single computer.- The Library tab provides access to stored environments, virtual machines, and templates that you use to create virtual environments in the team project Lab. QUESTION 46Drag and Drop QuestionYou are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to manage your testing efforts.You want to see which work items have changed since the last time you assigned a build to the test plan.You need to assign a new build to the test plan and create a list of the bugs that have been fixed and the features that have been associated with the new build.What should you do? (To answer, move the three appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)Answer: QUESTION 47You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to run manual tests.Testers reported a bug during a test run on the V1.0 build. A build for V2.0 has been created. Testers are still running tests against the V1.0 build.You need to verify that the bug has been fixed in build V2.0.What should you do? A.    Change the default build for the test plan to V2.0 and run the test case.B.    Run the test case with default settings; the latest build will be selected automatically.C.    Change the build to V2.0 by using Run with options and run the test case.D.    Change the build property for the test case to the V2.0 build and run the test case. Answer: CExplanation: When we want to use the test settings we either assign it to the test plan or choose the test setting when we start a test run by selecting Run Options QUESTION 48You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to manage test cases.You want to review all test cases with shared steps.You need to build a direct links query that will generate a list of all test cases in the team project that use a shared step.Which three actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.) A.    Set the linked work items filter to Work item type = Shared Steps.B.    Set the main query to Team Project = @Project AND Work Item Type = Test Case.C.    Return all top-level work items.D.    Return only items that have the specified links.E.    Return only items that do not have the specified links. Answer: ABDExplanation:Q: How do I link test cases, shared steps, and test results?A: The link types, Tested and Tested By are used to link test cases to work items, and Test Case and Shared Steps are used to link Shared steps to test cases. Using Microsoft Test Manager, you can create test cases and test plans which define and manage these associations. Also, Test Manager creates and manages the associations of test results to test cases and test plans. QUESTION 49You are a managing test cases by using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).You create a new configuration.You need to select the new configuration for all test cases in a test suite.What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.) A.    Select the new configuration as the default configuration for the test suite.B.    Select the test suite and use Configurations to select the new configuration for the test suite.C.    Select all of the test cases in the test suite and use Configurations to select the new configuration for the selected tests.D.    Select the test suite and use Select test configurations for all tests to select the new configuration. Answer: CDExplanation: In the test plan, you can set the configurations to be used for one or more test cases: QUESTION 50You use Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to conduct a manual test for an ASP.NET web application. You have created a test plan named Release 2.0.The test plan needs to meet the following requirements:- Test runs should be able to capture event log data for the server role. - Test runs should be able to collect exceptions and specific diagnostic tracing information to isolate bugs that are difficult to reproduce.You need to configure the Release 2.0 test plan by creating new test settings for the requirements and assigning the test settings to the test plan.How should you configure the new test settings? A.    On the Data and Diagnostics page, select the Event Log and System Information options.B.    On the Data and Diagnostics page, select the Event Log, ASP.NET Client Proxy for IntelliTrace and Test Impact, and IntelliTrace options.C.    On the Data and Diagnostics page, select the Event Log and IntelliTrace options.D.    On the Data and Diagnostics page, select the Event Log and ASP.NET Client Proxy for IntelliTrace and Test Impact options. Answer: BExplanation: Test Settings: Data and Diagnostics- ASP.NET Client Proxy for IntelliTrace and Test Impact: This proxy allows you to collect information about the http calls from a client to a Web server for the IntelliTrace and Test Impact diagnostic data adapters.- IntelliTrace : You can configure the diagnostic data adapter for IntelliTrace to collect specific diagnostic trace information to help isolate bugs that are difficult to reproduce. This adapter creates an IntelliTrace file that has an extension of .iTrace that contains this information. When a test fails, you can create a bug. The IntelliTrace file that is saved with the test results is automatically linked to this bug. The data that is collected in the IntelliTrace file increases debugging productivity by reducing the time that is required to reproduce and diagnose an error in the code. From this IntelliTrace file the local session can be simulated on another computer, this reduces the possibility of a bug being nonreproducible.Reference: Specifying Test Settings for Visual Studio Tests GreatExam guarantees your 70-499 exam success with our exam resources. Our 70-499 braindumps are the latest and developed by experienced IT certification professionals working in today's prospering companies and data centers. 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