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QUESTION 91Sales Managers use a weekly sales report that includes the following columns: Sales Person, Weekly Sales and Quota. The Sales Managers would like the ability to retrieve additional non- sales related information on their personnel by clicking on a hyperlink. Which type of report should you create? A.    Unlinked subreport based on manager IDB.    Unlinked subreport based on employee IDC.    Linked On-Demand subreport based on employee IDD.    On-Demand subreport based on manager ID Answer: C QUESTION 92You must create a new Crystal report that displays the top 25% of customer sales leaders. Which method will sort the report alphabetically by customer, not by the sales summary? A.    Use a standard Top N report.B.    Use subreports with shared variables to calculate the percentage summaries then sort the results.C.    Use multiple arrays in a single report to summarize and sort the data.D.    Use a dynamic array with subreports to create the Top N summaries then sort the data correctly. Answer: D QUESTION 93Which two methods can you use to save an unlinked subreport as a stand alone report?(Choose two.) A.    In the Preview pane, right-click the subreport and select Save Subreport AsB.    In the Design tab, right-click the subreport and select Save Subreport AsC.    In the Subreport Preview tab, from the File menu, select Save Report AsD.    In the main report, from the File menu, select Save Report As Answer: AB QUESTION 94You add a custom function from the repository to a new Crystal report and want to categorize the function. What must you do to enable the Category box? A.    Edit the custom function.B.    Disconnect the function from the repository.C.    Re-add the function to the repository.D.    Save the custom function to the report. Answer: B QUESTION 95The sales manager would like a sales report of last year's sales summarized first by country and then by last year's sales summarized by sales person. Which method should you use to create the report? A.    Create a report grouped by country and add a subreport in the Report Footer grouped by sales person.B.    Create a report grouped by sales person and add a subreport in Group Header grouped by country.C.    Create a report grouped by sales person and add a subreport in the Report Footer grouped by country.D.    Create a report grouped by country and add a subreport in the Report Header grouped by sales person. Answer: A QUESTION 96The world sales report is being sent to all regional managers. Three of the managers cover multiple regions. You need to configure report bursting so that these managers see all of their regions. Which of the following is true? A.    The Dynamic Recipient Data Provider should be sorted by recipient ID.B.    The Dynamic Recipient Data Provider should be sorted by region ID.C.    It is not possible to include more than one region per manager in the report.D.    No action is required as the Dynamic Recipient Data Provider will automatically sort as necessary. Answer: A QUESTION 97How can you verify that the data displayed on a report from a database is correct by using the Show SQL Query option? A.    Copy and run the query into the native database client utility.B.    Copy the query into the Crystal SQL command.C.    Copy and run the query into the Database Expert.D.    Copy the query into SQL+. Answer: A QUESTION 98How can you reduce processing time for a Crystal report? A.    Sort records on the clientB.    Perform query asynchronouslyC.    Perform grouping on the serverD.    Verify data on first refresh Answer: C QUESTION 99Which menu will allow you to import a new XML transform? A.    Report Export OptionsB.    Manage XML Exporting FormatsC.    Manage XML Importing FormatsD.    Report Import Options Answer: B QUESTION 100Which three conditions might cause an error when you save a custom function? (Choose three.) A.    You used a local variable.B.    You used a summary field.C.    You used a User Function Library (UFL).D.    You used a Print State function. Answer: BCD All SAP C_BOCR_11 exam questions are the new checked and updated! In recent years, the C_BOCR_11 certification has become a global standard for many successful IT companies. Want to become a certified SAP professional? 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