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How can you solve this problem and bring the SAP HANA database online?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    Delete older log files from the log volume before the last successful database backup.B.    Set the log_mode parameter to overwrite in global.ini.C.    Run "Delete older backups" in the Backup Catalog.D.    Move the log files to another volume and create a symbolic link to the new folder.Answer: D QUESTION 22Which authorization error do you troubleshoot using the Authorization Dependency Viewer?Please choose the correct answerResponse: A.    SQL processing error (256)B.    Invalid user privilege (334)C.    Invalidated procedure (430)D.    Transaction error (128) Answer: C QUESTION 23What is the recommended approach by SAP when loading tables into SAP HANA from SAP ERP via Data Services?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    Use open hubB.    Use the data staging serverC.    Use the ABAP application tierD.    Use the Replication Server Answer: C QUESTION 24Which of the following are required to enable SAP HANA high availability?There are 2 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    SAP HANA distributed systemsB.    SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability ExtensionC.    Redundant storage and networkD.    High-performance computing clustering for Linux Answer: AC QUESTION 25A backup catalog became unusable. What can you do to recover existing backups?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    Recreate the backup catalog based on the available backup files with the tool hdbbackupdiag.B.    Use a third party backup tool to recover the backups.C.    Create a new data backup.D.    In SAP HANA studio Backup Editor Display all backups select REFRESH Answer: A QUESTION 26How can you delete old data and log backups from both the backup catalog and physically from the server?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    Delete all files under $(DIR_GLOBAL)/hdb/logB.    Run "DELETE from m_backup_catalog_files where backup_id = <backup_id>" in the SQL editorC.    Delete all files under $(DIR_INSTANCE)/backup/data and $(DIR_INSTANCE)/backup/logD.    Go to Backup Editor -> Backup Catalog -> Delete Older Backups ->Catalog and backup location Answer: D QUESTION 27What do you have to consider when you design a backup plan?There are 2 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    The newest data must be backed up most often.B.    The column table data needs to be compressed before a backup.C.    The backup execution must be monitored.D.    The database backup must be stored at a different location than the database server. Answer: CD QUESTION 28Which of the following SAP HANA tools is used to collect diagnostic information?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    landscapeHostConfiguration.pyB.    hdbnsutilC.    hdbsqlD. Answer: D QUESTION 29You have created a file named backup.sql with the following information to run a backup:/c -n <server name> -i<instance number> -u <user> -p <password>BACKUP DATA USING FILE ('backupDirectory/data/COMPLETE_BK')Which of the following commands executes the backup?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    hdbsql -I backup.sqlB.    hdbsql -c backup.sqlC.    hdbsql -S backup.sqlD.    hdbsql -o backup.sql Answer: A QUESTION 30Which of the following are benefits of using accelerators with SAP HANA?There are 2 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    They eliminate the need for customization.B.    They provide prebuilt customer-specific solutions.C.    They reduce the time required for implementation.D.    They provide prebuilt business content. 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