This page was exported from New Lead2pass Dumps PDF Version Released For Free Downloading [ ] Export date:Mon Dec 9 5:46:43 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2016-New] 100% Pass C_HANATEC_10 Exam By Training GreatExam New VCE And PDF Dumps (31-40) --------------------------------------------------- 2016 June SAP Official New Released C_HANATEC_10 Q&As in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! Pass C_HANATEC_10 exam with the latest GreatExam C_HANATEC_10 dumps: GreatExam C_HANATEC_10 exam questions and answers in PDF are prepared by our experts. Moreover, they are based on the recommended syllabus that covering all the C_HANATEC_10 exam objectives. Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center: (The full version is in the end of the article!!!) QUESTION 31You need to retrieve data from SAP HANA that is restricted to a certain region and specific users. How can you implement this security strategy?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    By assigning package privileges to the necessary usersB.    By assigning analytic privileges to the necessary usersC.    By assigning SQL privileges to the necessary usersD.    By assigning system privileges to the necessary usersAnswer: B QUESTION 32Which of the following are characteristics of a design-time role?There are 2 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    It is revoked if the grantee user is deleted.B.    It is transportable between systems.C.    It is granted and revoked directly by an administrator.D.    It is granted through the execution of stored procedures. Answer: BD QUESTION 33Which of the following users allow you to install SAP HANA studio on a Windows client platform?There are 2 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    <SID>ADM users without administrator privilegesB.    Domain users with administrator privilegesC.    Local users with administrator privilegesD.    Local users without administrator privileges Answer: BC QUESTION 34You create an analytic view and want to restrict access to departments with specific values using analytic privileges. Which tasks do you have to perform to accomplish this?There are 3 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    Choose an attribute and define restricted values for it.B.    Assign the analytic privilege to a user or role.C.    Assign values to be restricted to a content table.D.    Assign values to be restricted. Choose at least one information model to assign restrictions.E.    Assign restricted values to the attribute view. Answer: ABD QUESTION 35An organization has the following infrastructure standard:•Separate Server and User network managed by the internal network team•Centralized shared storage (SAN) with RAID-5•In-house full time SAP Basis, DBA, and OS team•Unified on Red Hat Linux on Intel platform•All Windows 7 desktop/laptop•VPN remote access•Tape based off-site backup storage and active-passive remote site Disaster RecoveryWhich of the following aspects of the IT infrastructure strategy will need to be reconsidered if they are to implement SAP HANA?There are 3 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    Data Volume growthB.    Backup and recoveryC.    Client Access to dataD.    Network security and bandwidthE.    Hardware/OS support Answer: BDE QUESTION 36Which tasks do you have to perform if you want to use SAP BW with SAP HANA as the underlying database?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    Do a homogeneous system copy from your current DB to SAP HANA DB.B.    Ensure that you have at least SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.02 installed.C.    Do a heterogeneous system copy from your current DB to SAP HANA DB.D.    Recreate SAP BW indexes after SAP HANA database migration. Answer: C QUESTION 37You are investigating a problem with the SAP HANA database. You opened a customer message with SAP support.SAP support asks you to provide diagnostic information from the SAP HANA instance. How can you gather this information?There are 2 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    Run the HDB info command on the SAP HANA server as <SID>admB.    Run the script on the SAP HANA server as <SID>admC.    Execute Diagnosis Files -> Diagnosis Information -> Collect function in the SAP HANA studioD.    Select and download all files under Diagnosis Files in the SAP HANA studio Answer: BC QUESTION 38You want to make sure that all data accesses to a specific view will be logged in the audit trail.As part of an update of the database schema, the view is dropped and recreated under the same name. What is the consequence for auditing?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    The audit log-object references must be reinitialized.B.    Auditing continues to work for the view.C.    The audit policy needs to be reactivated.D.    Auditing needs to be set up again for the recreated view. Answer: B QUESTION 39Which of the following connection types does Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) use to transfer data to SAP HANA?Please choose the correct answer.Response: A.    RFC connectionB.    Secondary database connectionC.    http connectionD.    BICS connection Answer: C QUESTION 40Which of the following steps allow you to create a test system (system A) based on a productive SAP HANA standalone system (system B)?There are 2 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    Export the data from system B to a file share and import the data to system A.B.    Restore a complete database backup from system B to system A.C.    Copy a snapshot from system B to system A.D.    Copy the data and log volume files from system B to system A. 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