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QUESTION 41Where can you set the default universe when using Web Intelligence within InfoView? A.    Query PanelB.    Report PanelC.    InfoView OptionsD.    InfoView Preferences Answer: D QUESTION 42Which three objects represent qualifications from a local data provider? A.    BLOBB.    DATEC.    TEXTD.    NUMBER Answer: BCD QUESTION 43Which three object types can you use in a Web Intelligence universe query? A.    ClassB.    DetailC.    MeasureD.    DimensionE.    User Defined Answer: BCD QUESTION 44Which two options should you take before you finish creating a variable in Web Intelligence? A.    SaveB.    ParseC.    ExportD.    Validate Answer: AD QUESTION 45Which statement is true about calculation contexts? A.    They allow manipulation of reports to change the way the data is displayed.B.    They allow manipulation of variables to change the way the data is aggregated.C.    They allow manipulation of universe objects to change the way the data is displayed.D.    They allow manipulation of universe contexts to change the way the data is aggregated. Answer: B QUESTION 46You want to force the calculation context of a variable in a table so thatits values do not change when adimension is added to the table. Which of the following statements is correct? A.    You include the dimension using the input context.B.    You exclude the dimension using the input context.C.    You include the dimension using the output context.D.    You exclude the dimension using the output context. Answer: D QUESTION 47Which Pos() function syntax should you use to find the location of the space in the Category string "Evening wear"? A.    Pos([Category] , "" )B.    Pos((Category) , "" )C.    Pos([Category] ; " " )D.    Pos({Category} ; " " ) Answer: C QUESTION 48Which two functions can you use to concatenate the strings "England" and "New" to create the string "New England"? A.    Left()B.    LeftPad()C.    LeftTrim()D.    Concatenate() Answer: BD QUESTION 49You need to create a report displaying a year-to-date aggregation on sales revenue across all months. The report should be sectioned on Region. Additionally, you would like to reset the running aggregation to restart for each Region.Which syntax should you use to accomplish this task? A.    =RunningSum([Sales Revenue], Region)B.    =RunningTotal([Sales Revenue], Region)C.    =RunningSum([Sales Revenue] ; ([Region]))D.    =RunningTotal([Sales Revenue], Reset[Region]) Answer: C QUESTION 50You are reviewing a report with the following statement in a variable:=If([Sales revenue] > 750000)Then "Top Performer" Else If([Sales revenue] Between (200000;650000))Then "Average Performer" Else If ([Sales revenue] < 200000)Then "Low Performer"Which statement is true of the results produced by the statement for sales representatives with sales between 650,000 and 750,000? A.    They will be Top Performers.B.    They will be Average Performers.C.    They will not be included in the report.D.    They will not have a performance value assigned. Answer: D Pass C_BOWI_41 exam with the latest GreatExam C_BOWI_41 dumps. GreatExam C_BOWI_41 exam questions and answers in PDF are prepared by our expert. 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